5 Tips on Being Heard in Any Circle


Ok, let’s face it, everyone wants to be heard. No matter if you’re an introvert, extrovert or ambivert, at some point in life you will want to be heard. You’ll want to be heard for YOUR contributions to the world not just those that you support. Of course supporting others is great and necessary; however, we all want to feel a personal sense of accomplishment and that starts with being duh, being heard.
So how do you get those to hear you who are in your immediate circle? How to you get those to hear you who are at work or in the space within your field of work? The first thing is to realize that each of those communities mentioned has a different set of ears! Yup, that’s it. What people will hear is based on what they want to hear and what matters to them. Here are a few tips on making sure what you have to say is heard by the masses.

  1. Pick your audience – As I mentioned all audiences are not created the same. What makes your mom tick is not always going to be what makes your co-workers or boss tick. Your kids and even those you sell products to simply need to hear you speak from a place that matters to THEM. Once you figure that out, it’s much easier to speak a language that resonates with them.
  2. Trial and error matter – You know the saying “if you don’t succeed, try tray again? There’s a lot of wisdom in that phrase. Don’t get discouraged early on when you’re trying to be heard. Practice makes perfect is what I say. Always reflect back on the pros and cons when trying to determine why things didn’t go as planned.
  3. Culture and gender matter – I know we live in a world today where many have chosen to identify with gender neutral. That’s perfectly ok; however, I don’t think if I talked about issues with a man’s prostate I’d be heard by many women EXCEPT as it pertains to the men in their lives they love. The same could be said if I spoke on a uniquely women’s issue. Many things are in fact gender neutral but for those that aren’t’ keep in mind what resonates with the group you want to hear you. The same thing goes when thinking on cultural differences
  4. Empower their ear – As great of a speaker as I’d like to think I am, I am not naïve to the fact that everyone wants to hear me speak. That could be the same for you wherever you’re trying to be heard. If in that position, think about how you can empower your listeners to take action or be part of what it is you want them to hear in some way. People like to feel included. Empower them and watch them perk up.
  5. Move on – Unless it’s something life threatening sometimes you have to simply move on to a new audience. That’s not so easy when you’re talking about intimate relationships though, so that’s why I listed more suggestions When not in the love space

Anything you want to work well takes practice. Even if you get it right the first time out of the block, there’s always the next time you may not be able to predict. Keep trying and remember, what you hear in your head isn’t always what they hear in their ears and minds.

Image: Public Domain /Pixabay


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