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I focus on the connection between self-awareness and relationship management with your own self and others as a conduit for growth, change, productivity and happiness. 

Each of us seem to be juggling multiple priorities while still having to be on top of our game. I understand sacrifices that cause the little voice in our heads to say “when is it my turn” or “how to I navigate this hurdle without looking like I we aren’t in control of my actions.” As a internationally certified professional life coach, small business consultant and author, I specialize in helping people break down barriers that hinder development towards the next steps in their life and career journey utilizing emotional intelligence modeling. This is what I like to call Chapter 2. The mission of AWC is to assist others in re-branding thoughts and actions in a way that is unique to one’s  goals, dreams and desires.

As a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator,  my services also include boutique style conflict resolution as well as diversity and inclusion strategies for small businesses in need of custom solutions .  I also help new entrepreneurs who are trying to find their way through the startup branding/marketing marketplace..

My signature programs including Chapter 2 Living™ , Words of Love™, Chapter II Coaching for Men™, UnStress Me with Your Words™, Speaking Each Others’ Language™, and From Diagnosis to Living Again™ seek to give people the clarity they need to move on and upward.

As a former editor at the Good Men Project my work has been published there as well as on Yahoo, Babble, BLC Life, Uptown Magazine and more.

My personal passions have afforded me opportunities to mentor for youth and young adults, entertainment artist business manager, community outreach worker and national parent advocate for children with life threatening food allergies and asthma, I take great pleasure in helping others make space on their “full plate of life” for their own dreams, goals and desires through coaching.

My public service initiatives include: Founder, Worldwide Love Remembers Day an initiative of Compassion 4 Anaphylaxis Outreach Grief and Loss Support,  co-founder of the National Allergy & Anaphylaxis Council, Founding Member IMPACT for Coaches, Board Member Compassionate Atlanta, Former Southeastern Regional Coordinator for the US International Men’s Day 10 Year Committee and Subcommittee Member of the Mass Incarceration Re-Entry Initiative; founding Chair for the Society of Emotional Intelligence  Tri-State Chapter, and former Director of Artist Development for the Delaware Teen Idol program. My  day to day life is kept balanced and humbled through a navigating the mosaic of charity efforts and assistance to those with personal health challenges.  To that end, I’ve developed a specialty series of lectures dedicated to empowerment of people under that umbrella. This, coupled with 15+ years in my professional career that encompasses extensive expertise in critical investment administration services with a large focus on compliance and regulatory issues, created the opportunity for cross platform coaching.

The general demographic of my client base is represented by the 30+ person who knows they are intelligent, yet fully understands the importance of broadening their horizons, managing stress, optimizing decision making skills and increasing both relationship wealth and financial wealth through utilization of a professional coach.  My clients have reached a point in their lives where they simply want more than just to exist and desire happiness, balance and growth professionally and personally.

Some of the things I’m proud of are being given the honor to be  seen in or on various media outlets including magazines/online publications: Money Digital Edition, The Dr. Oz Show, Daily Worth, Women’s Day Digital Edition, Huffington Post, Good Men Project, Today’s Dietitian, Second Act and Asthma & Allergy Today. You may also view some of my work I’ve contributed as a  she is a regular contributing writer on the www.goodmenproject.com  and of course through on my own redefining logic blog The Wordallogic™.

To find out more submit an inquiry via the contact us page. You may also listen in to some of  my interviews on the Video & Podcast page as well as recorded episodes of the podcast show The Professed Word which is also on iTunes.  And don’t forget to pick up my book “Get Right for Love; The Muscle Guide to Relationship Readiness” on amazon!  

Visit my company page A. Word & Company o learn more about me and my company.

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